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Arranging a funeral for a loved one can be a difficult task.
Whilst our feelings of loss and grief are foremost in our minds, it is also
our last chance to send our love one off with a farewell that depicts their
character and the way they lived their life.
My funeral ceremonies are a ‘celebration of life’.
It is not disrespectful to laugh, sing, or recall happy and funny moments
of your loved one’s life. Sharing these feelings can help to ease the
Whilst maintaining respect, empathy and dignity at all times, my
ceremonies ensure your loved one’s life is a celebration not only of their
life, but also for having that person in your life.
When saying farewell to a loved one, we should do so in the way they
would want it to be.
There are no do’s or dont’s when arranging a Celebration of Life and
there are many ways you can pay tribute – poems, songs, music, photos
releasing balloons, doves, butterflies, wearing a favourite colour and so
much more.
Some celebrations of life, we have even ‘raised a toast’ to the loved one
with a shot of their favourite drink during the service. We have danced
them out of the Chapel, waved and sang goodbye, written special
messages on the coffin, formed a Guard of Honour as they drive away.
If there is something you particularly want to include to farewell your
loved one, don’t feel that it can’t be done.
A life should be celebrated the way it was lived.
Perhaps a Memorial service at a beautiful venue is more suited to what
your loved one wanted. These are becoming a popular alternative to
the traditional funeral service.
If you would like me to be the Celebrant for your loved one’s farewell
you may contact me directly or advise your Funeral Director that you
have chosen Janine Gallacher Celebrant.

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