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The arrival of a child is a precious gift.
As proud and loving parents it is natural that you want to welcome your
child with a celebration that involves family and friends.
Having a naming ceremony can officially welcome your child into your
community and it gives you the opportunity to share your hopes and
dreams for the future of your child.
It is also a time to allow “Guide-parents” (if chosen) to acknowledge
their acceptance and ongoing commitment to the child.
A naming ceremony can include grandparents, siblings, friends etc by
incorporating readings, poems, candle lighting, prayers or promises,
maybe even a fingerprint of your child and a ceremony can be held in
any location, at any time.
The child and Guide-parents each receive a commemorative naming
certificate as a memento of this beautiful occasion.
Be assured that having a naming ceremony does not prohibit your child
from following their own religious or non religious commitments in the
It’s intent is to officially name your child……..bless the child with love,
good wishes and good health and celebrate having this child in your life.

Let’s play music, blow some bubbles or release balloons to celebrate
your precious child’s naming day.

Welcome to the world little one!

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